Messsage from Chairman

Every body knows Japan holds foremost position in the world in the field of technology. Especially after World War II, Japanese people have struggled extremely and have given high contribution to their nation. We cannot imagine how much they have devoted themselves to reform and accelerate their national economy and in the field of socio-economy, technology etc. in such a short time span. Each and every Japanese person knows the value of time. Not only hardworking, rather they are strict on schedules and perform their work precisely and skillfully. Moreover, their high moral values, respect and democratic behavior with others can easily attract anyone from all around the globe. There are many Nepalese students dreaming about going to Japan for their higher studies. Studying Japanese Language in Japan is highly expensive than we guess. Now a question arise, isn’t there any alternative for cost reduction? Yes, certainly there are number of Japanese language training institute in Kathmandu, Nepal, however, I observed some of them and felt that they are doing their level best. I recall a proverb “to be something is better than nothing” and appreciate all of them whose effort can act as a bridge between Japanese and Nepalese people through exchange of language, culture and effort for globalization. Along with this purpose, I think there must be another part of coin also; it is necessary to create professionalism. Students aiming fixed professional career and well –equipped can get entry to Japanese Universities. To meet the purpose we have established Topa International Education Center. We have equipped our library with resource and information materials availed by professional native language teachers. We assure that you will feel Japanese environment that will immensely help you enhance your professional career. One thing I wish to emphasize here that every student should make his/her aim and interest clear in order to achieve higher study. They can get proper guidance from our school in this regard. There are many attractive fields of study such as medicine, architecture, electricity, electronics, automobile engineering, computer hardware, software programming, e-commerce, hotel management and tourism and so on. If the student can make up their mind and learn necessary basic knowledge and terminology during their language training it would be highly supportive and their success will be guaranteed. Lastly, I wish to remind you, after exchanging professional career, you will certainly contribute to reform and develop our nation by all your means. Our nation hopes a great deal from each of you whatever you learn there socially and technically. Wishing you all the best.