Messsage from Teacher

Hello Everyone, Namaste ! I have experienced that Nepalese students are very much interested to study in Japan, to learn their culture and technology. This trend has attracted a lot more people at present; many students are studying Japanese Language in this institute for different purposes, like further study in Japan, business purpose, to tour to Japan etc. If you have similar objectives, we always welcome you to TOPA and let us fulfill your dream to study in Japan and Join us for Japanese Language; we will help you in a better and effective way. We assure you that you will be able to express your opinion and feelings in Japanese that would undoubtedly help you to perform any sort of activities in Japan. I have been teaching Japanese Language in this institute since 2009. My teaching experience, till today, tells me that a lot of people want to go to Japan for different purpose, for instance, to pursue higher studies, for business motive, to tour into Japan etc. But language is barrier, that create hindrance to fulfill their will to be there. I have been involved in teaching to such needy people for a long time and I expect they have benefitted a lot. Similarly I expect I can help you as well in the matter of your interest. So, I would like to welcome to TOPA for any kind of assistance. …….